omaxe the lake


Apartments, Penthouses, villas and a modern club The Lake is a premium and modern property at New Chandigarh. The property is being developed by Omaxe Ltd, a leading real estate company in India. The Lake has different residential option. What gives the property this name is “a cluster of standalone pools architecturally arranged in linear manner to create holistic view of lake”, states a brochure on the property. There are five tower-categories, each drawing its name from a famous lake. Let me tell you about each option:

a. Isabella Tower
A high rise, Isabella has 4 BHK apartments and penthouses. The 4 BHK comes in two sizes – apartments with 4,400 sq.ft. and 4,850 sq.ft. – super area. The penthouse has a super area of 9,400 sq.ft.

b. Emerald Towers
The 4 BHK options are in sizes (super area) of 2,300 sq.ft. & 2,760 sq.ft. The penthouses have super area options of 4,450 sq.ft. and 5,300 sq.ft.

c. Caspean Towers
Here the options are 3 BHK and penthouses. 3 BHK apartments are in sizes (super area) of 1,820/ 1,850/ 1,885/ 1,920 – sq.ft. The penthouses have 3,700/ 3,770 – sq.ft. options.

d. Mystic Towers
Here’s an option for 2 BHK apartments of 1,285 sq.ft. and penthouses of 2,570 sq.ft. (both measures in terms of super area)

e. Victoria Towers
3 BHK apartments – 1,530/ 1,580/ 3,110 – sq.ft. (super area).

The layout of this project is such that all the towers are located around a central “lake”. An attractive feature of this entire setup is a modern club surrounded by water. It’s an islet. The club promises cafeteria, restro-bar, premium lounges, spa, billiards, lawn tennis court, cards play room, health club and party area. Yes, there is provision for swimming in a pool that shares its wall with the winding lake.

The towers are also part of the Omaxe’s wider development, here. International Trade Tower, India Trade Tower and Holiday Inn – the business hub is few minutes away, if you want to walk to work.